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Capt. Jay Keller was born and raised in Homer Alaska and began Sportfishing at a very early age. He started his commercial fishing career at the age of eight on his father's commercial fishing boat seining salmon around Kodiak island. He began longlining halibut on his fathers boat at the age of 13. 


Out of high school he spent his 20's in the Bering sea fishing crab, halibut, black cod & grey cod. After a stint of hauling freight all over Alaska and parts of Washington. He also charter fished as a deckhand for 7 years with halibut king charters. He became a captain on seismic vessel's in Cook Inlet and the Arctic Ocean. He got back into charter fishing last year when he ran the Nauti C’s out of Homer and had a stellar year.


Jay has been on every bit of coast line in Alaska apart from the Chukchi Sea. He say's he will make it there eventually but he's in no hurry. Together with his father and business partner Doug Keller (who has himself been a commercial fisherman in Alaska since 1975) they have started JK Charters out of their home Homer AK.

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