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Things you need to know before your trip with us.

First things first make sure you have your State of Alaska sports fishing license on you before you come to the boat. That can be bought online at or at numerous places around Alaska and in Homer it self. We suggest a king salmon tag as well as your license especially if  you are doing a salmon trip aboard the          F/V Keeper. Please remember that if you buy your license online you have to print it and have it on your person in order to be legal to fish.

Also we suggest you dress warm for your trip with us. Alaska can be cold even in the summer months and you can always remove items of clothing, hard to put on clothing you don't have with you! Boots are a good idea but not a game changer the deck of the F/V Keeper is pretty dry but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Also raingear falls into this catagory the cabin is dry but we are out there to fish rain or shine.

Next on our suggestions for our guests is food and drinks. Please bring your lunches with you I have yet to see a dinner boat out on the water but I think it would be a great idea. So please bring enough food and drinks to keep you and your party in good spirits as well as energetic for your day because you will be expelling quit a bit of energy with us. Keep in mind there is no microwave on board the vessel at this time so be advised. Also there is bottled water on board for those that forget to bring their own.

There will be a 7.5% sales tax in addition to our fees. That will be added at the time of booking. 

Rules andRegulations 

To the left are the official 2018 IPHC Regulations for the area we are fishing.

In laymen's terms: Each individual person is allowed two halibut per day with one fish measuring 28 inches or less. With each person allowed no more then 4 halibut per year taken from any charter vessels. However you can buy "GAF" fish that are taken from commercial IFQ quotas that do not count towards your 4 fish a year charter quota. JK Charters does not sell GAF fish at this time but with enough inquiries we do have the potential to do this at a later date. So if you are interested in this please let your captain know.

                            Refund Policy                        


                     Cancelation by customer:               

Cancels 10 days or more before charter          100%

           less $15.00/per person processing fee

Cancles less than 10 and up to 48 hrs before charter                                                                    50%

            less $15.00/per person processing fee

canceles 48 hrs or less before charter departs

NO REFUND                                                              0%

Cancellations by Captain due to weather / safety or vessel mechanical problems:

Charter does not leave dock                              100%

Charter departs, but turns back before fishing100%

Charter departs, commences fishing, but cancels trip with less than 2 hours fishing time              50%

Please allow at least 10 days for refunds as we are very busy during the peak months

Thank you

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